Everyday Objects at Not-So-Everyday Speeds

"Everyday Objects at Not-So-Everyday Speeds" is a YouTube channel intended to introduce younger people to the physical principles involved in hypersonic flight. Every episode we will take a 3D-printed model of an everyday object and fly it at Mach 6 in our shock tunnel, HyperTERP. If you have a suggestion for an everyday object, please email it to hypersoniceverydayobjects@gmail.com!

Episode 1: Terpy Goes Hypersonic

Diamondback Terrapins are pretty good swimmers, but how well can they fly at Mach 6? Click here or on the image to the left to find out!

Episode 2: Rubber Ducky, You're the One!

Inspired by the Sesame Street classic, we see how well a rubber duck fares at Mach 6. Click here or on the image to the left to watch.

Episode 3: Close Encounters of a Not-So-Everyday Kind

UFOs have received a lot of attention recently, but just how aerodynamic are they at hypersonic speeds? Click here to find out!

Episode 4: How to Train Your Dragon (to Fly Hypersonically)

Dragons appear in the myths and legends of many different cultures, but what these stories don't tell us is whether dragons can fly at hypersonic speeds. Click here to answer this burning question!

Episode 5: A Dark Night for the Dark Knight

Batman is a true engineer amongst superheroes, but does that engineering prowess extend to the hypersonic realm? Click here and get ready for a rough ride!


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